Klitschko presents Kyiv to participant and guests at Eurovision opening ceremony

07.05.2017 20:06

Those who create and use their talents to unite people are able to fight, and win, and make a difference, the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko said presenting the capital city of Ukraine to the participants and guests of the Eurovision 2017 at the opening ceremony of the contest. The mayor’s story about Kyiv’s history and modernity accompanied a video clip.

“The music capital of Europe welcomes all of you! Kyiv is happy to unite millions of people from around the world with music. Believe me, for us this is very important and exciting. Those who create and use their talents to unite people are able to fight, and win, and make a difference! The people of Ukraine proved that. Almost four years ago, they came to Maidan to claim a European future for our country. Over one hundred patriots laid down their lives. The world knows about that,” Klitschko remarked.

The mayor stressed that Kyiv had always been a European city, both geographically and mentally.

“The world remembers Anna of France who ruled in Paris in the eleventh century. She was a daughter of the Kyiv prince Yaroslav the Wise. By the way, the founder of the Institute of Choreography in Paris and a famous ballet-master Serge Lifar was born in Kyiv too. Kyiv-born Kazimir Malevich was a pioneer of the avant-garde movement. The first prototype of a helicopter was built 100 years ago in Kyiv. Its constructor Igor Sikorsky lived a couple of kilometers from here. In the center of Kyiv,” Klitschko emphasized.

He stressed that it is Kyiv where a true queen of all planes is the world largest cargo aircraft Mriya was constructed, while the majority of Hollywood films are shot with cascade motion picture cranes, invented here in Kyiv by Fimotechnic company, a two-time Academy Award winner.

“Ukrainian IT professionals shape the future world. They are well-known globally. Celebrities wear outfits made by Ukrainian designers. Ukrainian music and cinema are booming. Paintings of young Ukrainian artists delight the eye”, he said, adding that nowadays in Kyiv many centuries of history and modernity complement each other perfectly.

“I hope that this contest, this music event will give a push to further creative activity and global-scale achievements. Kyiv is happy to become a musical capital of Europe. Eurovision unites people. It has no borders – language, culture, or nationality. I believe that music can change the world. Making it kinder, smarter, heartier, and tolerant. So, let the music play everywhere!” Vitaliy Klitschko said.

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