Klitschko in Davos: We urge investors to support Kyiv innovations

24.01.2018 16:14

Today Kyiv looks forward to partnering with investors and entrepreneurs. The city offers a unique lucrative opportunity to engage around the most innovative ways of city technology development, the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko declared in his speech in the panel session «Kyiv as a new global technohub». The discussion was held at the Ukraine House Davos - the first-ever Ukrainian venue at the World Economic Forum.

«IT sphere is growing rapidly in Ukraine and we want fresh ideas, advanced technologies, and up-to-date facilities.  We welcome investors and remain committed to supporting all those who invest their funds, time and effort in economic and employment growth and transforming Kyiv into a thriving city,» Vitali Klitschko emphasized.

He told the panel participants about the progress of Kyiv authorities, and the prospects to be implemented.

«It is generally recognized that Kyiv is changing so rapidly today, primarily due to innovations and new technologies. There is still enough room for future improvements and still more to be done to develop a huge potential we have,» Klitschko remarked.

He pointed that three years ago Kyiv authorities began to incorporate the latest technologies into all core city spheres. In the first place the city management system was installed.

«We tackled Kyiv smart infrastructure and continue to put smart city technologies into action to ensure a safer and more comfortable environment for Kyiv. This is the first Ukrainian city integrating advanced technology trends and shaping urban digital infrastructure successfully and comprehensively. By the way, it is largely thanks to negotiations at one of the previous Davos forums that we started implementation of Smart City system,» Vitali Klitschko stressed.

The mayor also told about innovative ways of Kyiv city management

«There are the Open Budget, e-procurement system, application system of online petitions to the City Council, Participatory Budgeting, and various city services which were also introduced so as to make the city more comfortable, safe and contemporary,» he said. 

«I particularly want to talk about the Safe City Project which was initiated and is being implemented to ensure the safety of Kyivans, traffic control and management. As of today the city has over 6 thousand of CCTV cameras operating within city surveillance network,» he noted.

Klitschko highlighted that over last 2 years Kyiv has launched as much smart technologies as other cities would not over 2 decades. He told that last year Kyiv unveiled IHub - city centre of innovation and IT-entrepreneurship. 

«I feel certain, on this platform the most ambitious and innovative start-ups will grow. That is what we strive for, work for, to retain our talented young start-uppers is imperative for both our city and the whole country. The intellectual and professional potential of our youth is huge and being sought for in the whole world,» Vitali Klitschko stressed.

Also he told that among IHub priorities now are Innovation Centre, Smart City School and City Projects Accelerator.

«Smart City School offers coding lessons, both for adults and children. 100 young Kyivans have already graduated from the School, and we decided to launch this project in city schools as after school activity,» Kyiv mayor noted. 

«And high on our agenda are some Accelerator projects. My mission as the capital mayor, among other areas, is that technology and innovation could make life of city residents more comfortable and enjoyable,» Vitali Klitschko said.

In the evening today at the Ukraine House Davos the Klitschko brothers will talk about how sports can shape up a future politician, businessman or civic leader.

In Thursday Vitali Klitschko will attend an event, organized by the Washington Post, which traditionally attracts political, financial, media and tech leaders from all over the world.

Also, Vitali Klitschko will take part in the Ukrainian breakfast in Davos.


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