Klitschko handed over the Eurovision Host City Insignia to Lisbon mayor

29.01.2018 14:41

Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko has passed over "the Eurovision keys" to the mayor of Lisbon Mr. Fernando Medina.

«When Jamala won the Eurovision Contest 2016, I literally leapt for joy. We all felt so grateful to her! The world has heard of Ukraine again and recognized its talent, music and soul anew! We rejoiced at the opportunity to host Eurovision for the second time and represent out beautiful city to the world once again», Vitali Klitschko noted.

The Mayor stressed out that organizers as well as participants and visitors remained satisfied and gave high marks to the contest held in Kyiv.

«Therefore with our head held high we hand over the Host City Insignia to Lisbon. Thanks to Salvador Sobral and his soulful jazz ballad Portugal has won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time ever. We are handing over the baton to Lisbon! And starting from this moment, this is the countdown to the 2018 Eurovision Contest and officially Lisbon's turn to take over the hosting responsibilities», Klitschko said.

Kyiv city mayor emphasized that everyone loves music. It unites the world, makes it a kinder place to live in, lifts peoples` mood. Through music Eurovision enables all of us to discover culture, worldview and likings of people from the whole world.

«We congratulate Lisbon and look forward to the most exciting musical show of this spring! And tell you true, I sincerely hope that again next year Kyiv takes over from Lisbon as the Host City of Eurovision!» Vitali Klitschko joked.

Also, a meeting of Vitali Klitschko with the mayor of Lisbon which is the sister city of Kyiv, Mr. Fernando Medina took place. Kyiv mayor wished his colleague every success in hosting the Eurovision Contest 2018.

«Indeed, Eurovision is not only a splendid festival and great fun, but also both a huge responsibility and extraordinary efforts to orchestrate it», Vitali Klitschko pointed out.


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