Klitschko took part in the European People’s Party congress in Helsinki

07.11.2018 16:15

The mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko attended the 25th European People’s Party (EPP) congress in Helsinki, Finland.

Klitschko is a leader of the UDAR political party which he represents at the Assembly. In 2013 UDAR has received a status of the EPP observer member party.

According to the EPP, this year’s Assembly is of great political importance. Europe faces enormous challenges and the continent’s success largely depends on the constellation of the next European Parliament and the Commission. The Assembly will elect the lead candidate for President of the European Commission for the May 2019 elections, update the EPP statutes and take common positions on the new challenges facing Europe.

“It is important to be here and together with my European colleagues discuss the problems which can be solved only by making joint efforts,” remarked Klitschko, speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the event. “The European People’s Party is the largest EU party and includes parties and partners from 41 countries.”

“The Congress addresses the key challenges facing Europe today, among which are security issues, migration policies, radicalisation threats. And European politicians came together to decide on the future policies. I am pleased to be among the representatives of European political parties. The key objective for Ukraine is to become a member of the large European family. Progress along the European path is a key priority for us,” emphasized Vitali Klitschko.

While in Helsinki Vitali Klitschko holds a number of meetings with European politicians, in particular the president of the EPP Joseph Daul, the MEP Elmar Brok and others as well as the ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili.

Founded in 1976, the European People’s Party is the EU’s centre-right party and its largest and most influential political family. The EPP strongly supports Ukraine on its European path and advocates maintaining anti-Russian sanctions. Earlier the EPP championed the visa waiver for Ukraine.


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