Klitschko ready to stand by Saakashvili in running for parliament and offers an alliance

04.06.2019 21:15

As Vitali Klitschko announced in a video he has posted today on Facebook, his political party UDAR has revealed plans to run for the Parliament and offered a joint campaigning to ex-president of Georgia, former governor of Ukraine's Odesa region Mikheil Saakashvili.

“The recent presidential and upcoming early parliamentary elections give Ukraine’s nation a chance to change for the better. Democratic forces driven by expertise and tangible outcomes rather than ambitions have to unite their efforts to bring in the fast and successful changes,” remarked Klitschko. “I saw a video released today by Mikheil Saakashvili whose political force was deliberately hindered from running the parliament. I am ready to stand by him. I feel certain, our alliance will be able to redouble efforts to further promote reforms. Together we have a blueprint for these changes and people who will implement them,” said UDAR’s leader. 

He also emphasized that the new president won overwhelming support from the nation and UDAR will step up and champion further changes towards advancing reforms and Ukraine’s European and NATO path, since it has always been the party’s political ideology.

“UDAR runs for the Parliament and I offer our partners to campaign together. I am remaining UDAR’s leader. And my offer to Mikheil Saakashvili is to chair the UDAR Party,” said Klitschko.

He also stressed that he has still plenty of commitments to Kyivans. “I will stay on as the mayor of Kyiv to honour them. I think it is only right and fair.”


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