UDAR nominates only single member constituency candidates

09.06.2019 12:47

As the UDAR party revealed at the party’s convention, only single member constituency candidates will be running at 2019 snap parliamentary election as UDAR candidates.

“Plenty of parties will participate in the upcoming elections. And we fully understand that the elections are going to be difficult, particularly for voters. It is very important to be guided by pragmatic considerations rather than emotions or nice slogans and elect those who are ready to work for Ukraine,” emphasized Klitschko. “It is important to concentrate the voters who support realistic democratic changes, to prevent anti-Maidan forces to get revenge. Therefore, UDAR nominates single member district candidates who are ready to work efficiently and respond to the needs of their constituents,” stressed Vitali Klitschko.

He remarked that “there is no winning alliance following our negotiations with some democratic forces due to a number of reasons. Though - I want to emphasize - my personal political ambitions have never been a priority. Back in 2014 and now,” he said.

Klitschko confirmed plans for the party’s facelift. According to him, the UDAR party will overcome complex challenges facing it now and will continue to implement the fundamental principles it always celebrate.

“As for me, I have still plenty of commitments to Kyivans and I will stay on as the mayor of Kyiv to honour them,” remarked Klitschko. “I came to know what a fierce and ugly campaign awaits us in Kyiv. I have already been targeted by a mudslinging, but I will tell you one thing: everything I do, I do uprightly and sincerely. I work hard to make Kyiv a better place to live in, make it more comfortable and beautiful,” emphasized Vitali Klitschko.

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