Klitschko and Kurz discuss challenges and visit APP’s event

06.09.2019 17:08

At the invitation of the chairman of the Austrian People’s Party Sebastian Kurz the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko visited Austria. At the working meeting they discussed new challenges that face Ukraine and the EU.

“I do remember our first meeting at the Munich Security Conference in 2014, in times of Maidan rallies, when the people of Ukraine had to defend their aspirations for democracy and European path. To hear sincere words of encouragement from you - the then Foreign Minister of Austria was most important. It was equally important to have a support of Austria and other EU countries in our fight against Russian aggression and in pursuing our path of reforms,” stated Klitschko at the meeting.

He remarked that European stability and safety depend largely on the ability of Ukraine to defend its own independence and - together with Europe - principles of international law and joint democratic values. 

“Ukraine wants EU to be united and powerful. And my hopes are that Europe is mutually interested in powerful and successful Ukraine,” stressed Kyiv mayor.

“We believe that Austria as well other EU member-states will reinforce support for Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity. Primarily, in keeping sanctions in place as the most powerful tool of opposing Russian aggression,” he underlined.

“Ukraine needs peace, but not at any cost. We have no right to let an aggressor to implement its ‘settlement plan’ (even in part) which will impose a constant threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty. It will also further galvanize Russia’s warmongering policy and jeopardize European stability and security,” said Klitschko. 

Klitschko and Kurz also talked about an importance of further implementation of decentralization reform and enhancing local government capacity.

“An experience of Austria in many socio-political spheres and expertise in achieving economic stability and accelerating economic growth is of great significance for us. We appreciate the political, economic and trade cooperation with Austria,” emphasized Vitali Klitschko.

He also highly appreciated the personal efforts Sebastian Kurz put into the development of Ukraine-Austria relations. 

Together with Sebastian Kurz Vitali Klitschko attended an Austrian People’s Party event prior the upcoming snap election on September 29. A meeting with primary 10 APP’s candidates took place in the party’s Political Academy.

The Austrian People’s Party was founded in 1945, and now with more than 600.000 members is the biggest party in Austria.

In snap elections set for September the party can be the biggest winner and Sebastian Kurz - could make a comeback as Austria's chancellor again.


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