Pre-election program

Pre-election program of the Political party

UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms) of Vitali Klitschko”

It’s time for UDAR!

 Ukraine needs a cardinally new type of relationship between citizen and state. This relationship should be based on the mutual trust, absolute respect to all citizens, their rights and freedoms, equality before the law, and unity of the country.

Only these basic principles can realize the potential of the country and ensure conditions for the welfare of every citizen. A move in this direction will allow Ukraine to escape the ranks of impoverished corrupt regimes and join the European community.


To achieve these objectives, we will act to:


Purpose: To break the foundations of corruption

To introduce transparent and universal rules for all

To reduce the number of state bodies with the powers of permission, control and penalty. To minimize interaction between citizens and officials.

To implement a single-window system and transparency of office in all spheres of interaction between citizen state.

To make collection of all necessary certificates/references the responsibility of state officials, not citizens.

To carry out transition to an electronic document circulation system within one year.

To free the economic system from tax and administrative bonds

To reduce the time for new business registration procedure to 30 minutes.

To abolish all taxes and dues, except: income tax for natural persons, income tax for enterprises, value-added tax, integrated social investment, excise tax, real estate tax and land tax.

To improve the simplified taxation system for small and micro businesses. To bring administrative principles of the general system of taxation closer to the simplified system.

To cleanse the government system from corrupt officials

To conduct an anti-corruption lustration: to fire all corruptionists according to an independent monitor of all officials, law enforcement officers, judges and public prosecutors.

To establish an independent Anti-corruption agency to detect corruptionists and provide legal accountability for public officers.

To introduce a mechanism of recalling deputies of all levels.



Purpose: To ensure effective security of citizens

To implement a direct citizen action mechanism.

Public lawmaking initiative. A draft law supported by 150000 of Ukrainian citizens is to be considered by the parliament and has highest priority.

Public veto. To ensure the right of citizens to cancel decisions by local and state authorities, with the exception of issues that cannot be submitted to a referendum under the Constitution of Ukraine.

Public vote of no confidence. To allow local referenda express lack of confidence in public officials, including head of a local state administration, head of militia and tax authority, public prosecutors, and judges – which will result in long-term suspension of their office.

To “reset” the judicial system.

To make the system of courts simple and clear.

To make all judges appointed by the High council of justice. To form the High council exclusively at the Congress of judges of Ukraine.

To establish a court of 12 jurors to examine grave crimes.

To strengthen the role of citizens in elections

To carry out local and parliament elections exclusively under a proportional election system with open lists. To envisage(?) the existence of regional multi-mandate districts for parliamentary elections. Local authorities should also be elected under a majoritarian election system.

To implement city head elections as two-round elections.

To extend the right to vote in local elections to all citizens over the age of 16.


Purpose: To guarantee equality of chances to succeed for everyone

To make the budget work in the interest of all citizens

To establish a system of obligatory public budget accountability, which will allow for public monitoring of budget incomes and expenditures on all levels.

To ensure transparency of the state purchases system.

To counteract concentration of property rights in one sphere in the hands of large enterprises.

To ensure basic equality of opportunity for all citizens

To provide social welfare for raising children under 15 years of age to low-income families.

To ensure true equality of income, employmentopportunity and career growth for women and men.

To invest in the young generation

To implement a state quota of job positions for youth in organizations and enterprises.

To offer benefits to enterprises which employ and train young workers.

To guarantee lodging space for young families.

To support critical spheres of state security

To sell and lease state- and city-owned lands only through auctioning. To limit the right to own agricultural land property to natural persons – citizens of Ukraine.

To offer benefits to enterprises which use alternative sources of energy, energy saving and ecologically clean technologies of production, and those which invest in production of energy in Ukraine.

To complete the creation of a professional army. To increase governmental financing of Armed Forces to at least 2% of GDP, focusing on technical modernization of the army.


Purpose: To support real local self-governance

To provide financing to local communities

100% of tax revenue from natural persons income tax, land tax and real estate tax should remain in the communities. To guarantee that transfer of other tax income provides financing for local community needs.

To return the right of self-government to Kyiv citizens To extend the authority of a head of Kyiv local state administration to the city mayor, elected by citizens.

To bring government closer to people

To ensure allocation of funds from local budgets to the needs of bodies of public self-organization.

To stimulate job creation in the regions

To establish a zero tax rate: for all newly created enterprises for 3 years, those created on under-developed territories and in small villages – for 5 years.

To stimulate investment in communal, transport, information, and medical infrastructures in local communities.


Purpose: To create opportunities for adequate income and harmonious development of a person

To oppose policies for creating a cheap working force

To establish minimal wages and pensions on a level that guarantees a full-fledged life, and not basic survival.

To ensure a level of income which would allow every working person to buy a refridgerator or a washing machine; for an average family to buy a car within 5 years, an apartment within 10 years.

To promote transparent and effective social policies

To implement targeting as a basic principle of assigning social benefits and make them unavailable to rich persons.

To use a universal principle for calculating pensions. To begin a step-by-step transition to a funded pension system.

To provide benefits to enterprises which invest in education, medical, civil and cultural projects.

To improve national health standards

To implement an open and transparent system of obligatory medical insurance, supported by the government.

To provide annual increases to budgeting for infrastructures supporting healthy living, physical culture and sport.

To ensure a high quality of education

To guarantee obligatory complete secondary education as well as professional and technical education to be free of charge.

To grant a wide range of self-regulation rights to higher education institutions, including involvement of business in their transparent financing and commercialization of their scientific products.

To establish a transparent program of government grants to talented students for attending the best educational institutions in Ukraine and worldwide.

To support Ukrainian cultural products

To stimulate investment in culture: national book publishing, cinema and film distribution, music writing and literature.

Everybody says it is necessary to change the country. We will do it.

It is time for UDAR!

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