Prodan: Klitschko’s result 5 times higher than of his nearest opponent

25.10.2020 21:32

Oksana Prodan, the chief campaign manager of UDAR of Vitali Klitschko Party has claimed that according to the Rating Group exit poll results, Kyiv mayor, the leader of UDAR party Vitali Klitschko leads in the local election with 47.8 per cent which is five times higher than the result of his nearest opponent, 8.6.

UDAR Party also has the most votes in Kyiv,  21.3 per cent.

She welcomed the completion of the first round of this year’s historic local elections which took place under a new administrative-territorial reform. From now on, the quality of living in the communities depends upon the local authority’s efficiency. She also marked that the next important phase ahead is the official count of votes and the official announcement of results. 

“Vitali Klitschko is always with Kyivans. He proves this by all his deeds and his everyday work. Today Kyivans and all Ukrainians demonstrated they are supporting both Klitschko and UDAR,” she stressed. “According to exit polls, Vitali Klitschko is close to winning the first round of voting. Now we have to defend the choice of Kyivans, prevent any violations and fraud during the vote counting.” 

She thanked UDAR’s and Klitschko’s supporters and also said thank you to the opponents for their criticism which makes the party stronger.

“We are ready to defend our win,” claimed Oksana Prodan.

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