Klitschko about exit polls: we managed to retain the trust of Kyivans by proving positive changes

25.10.2020 17:03

Vitali Klitschko who is self-isolating due to the positive coronavirus test has claimed during his virtual appearance, that over five years the local government has managed to keep the trust of Kyivans by proving important changes.

“It is still too early to talk about the final official results of the local elections. First of all, I want to say thank you to Kyivans who entrust me to bring positive changes,” remarked Klitschko. “Five years ago I won with a bit of 40 per cent. As mayor, I am facing plentiful challenges and demands and it is so hard to maintain the trust of people. It is so hard sometimes to implement those changes. But I am thankful that during those five years I still have the trust of Kyivans. It means, we are pursuing the right path and Kyiv is changing for the better,” said Klitschko.

He emphasized that he will further work to meet the hopes of Kyivans.

According to Vitali Klitschko, despite the UDAR party has not been very active over the past years and even did not run for the Parliament, today he is pleasantly surprised with UDAR’s 20 per cent result, which in spring did not exceed five per cent.

“We are actually rebuilding our party. And I want to say a big thank you to our regional organisations, party members and activists across Ukraine. I am crossing my fingers for them. Let me underline, we are standing by those people who are committed to deliver what they promise,” said Kyiv mayor. 

He also commented, that according to exit polls, his nearest opponent is Oleksandr Popov, former Yanukovych-era head of Kyiv State Administration and Opposition Platform nominee.  

“This took me by surprise! I think, his voters are those who have moved to Kyiv over the past five years,” said Klitschko. “There are many newcomers who come to Kyiv which has the biggest salary rate, no unemployment, the highest social and living standards.

I think, that Popov’s supporters do not remember the ‘Maidan Yolka’ and Yanukovych’s approach. This is my only guess,” stressed Klitschko.



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